A personal secret to express emotions and feel feminine

Waking emotions by looking, touching, wearing

Every day is different and it is worth to be celebrated

Lingerie design that wakes up emotions

AK@Glance Lingerie are designed to be worn everyday, make you feel yourself happy and confident, waking emotions by:

Lingerie for everyday

Sometimes we have to follow some rules regarding our clothes and behaviour – e.g. a bank employee has to comply with very conservative requirements wearing boring business suits.

Wearing colorful, feminine and very elegant lingerie is something which a woman doesn’t need to present to anyone except her partner (if she has one). It is an individual and a very intime tool which gives a magical feeling of a fairy tail from a beginning of an every simple day making it to a special one. It allows to bring emotions in an everyday life, to express yourself without being in a conflict with any rules and expectations of society in surrounding.

It gives an intern harmony and reflects our emotions. Due to this it has also a huge impact of our mood and a well-beeing perseption. It makes us to enjoy our life, feel natural power of femininity, various colors, happiness and beauty.

Lingerie Fashion@Glance is a tool and a personal secret helping women to express their emotions and feel feminine, elegant, happy and flying everyday.

Idea & Design Approach

I am sure that every woman is unique and beautiful from the beginning. The key is to find a way back to the roots of your own femininity and to enjoy being a woman everyday – doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are and what you do.

It is not necessary to be an angel, no pressure to be perfect – it ́s great enough to be yourself!

For every woman it is very important what kind of lingerie she wears. It affects her mood, her energy level and well-being-feeling as a woman. This has an impact on almost all parts of her everyday-life.

Lingerie Fashion@Glance has an approach that everyday of life is worth to be a special one. Every day is different and it is worth to be celebrated!

Celebrate being a woman wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you are!